Hats Off to all our dear parents(2009-2010)

Its time for our kids to step into their next stage of schooling.Last Academic year was so special for us since it was our 15 th big year.We heartily appreciate all the parents for rendering us such a great support during the whole year.
We,the management bless each of our kids to come out with flying colors.Though we have given our best,We would be much delighted to hear from our family members always.

Pl.Share your feedback and experience of schooling with us.This will boost and encourage us to do more for our next academic year.


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Are we the best parents?

Every parent tries to be the best mom and dad on Earth but at times we fail.Emotion and stress sometime turn us crazy that we behave childish.
Lets self realise what we do

Our children are our biggest imitators.

And very often they emulate the practices they see in their parents.

Children inculcate certain habits and behavioural traits from their parents and their surrounding environment. So, it’s quintessential that you keep your child away from practices and influences that can affect their physical and mental growth in the future.

Lets explore what are those ‘no-no’ moves:

1. Fighting and arguing

Sonia Bhasin, a Bangalore-based home maker says, “Since my husband is the sole earner in our family, money has always been in short supply. And this often leads to disagreements which turn ugly and result in violent fights with my husband. My teenager son, who has grown up seeing the two us fighting, has consequently become ill tempered over the years. He usually keeps it to himself, but when he gets agitated, he erupts like a volcano”

A recent report carried out by researchers at the University of Washington and the University of Indiana revealed that most children who witness domestic violence become bullies themselves.

Parenting Tip: “When parents fight, scream or insult each other, children who are witness become aggressive, anxious and withdrawn. How you two handle disagreements in your relationship will directly impact how your kids learn to equip theirs, once they grow up,” says Dr Chopra.

2. Getting cosy.

“My husband is very romantic and sometimes he gets very intimate with me in front of our 10-year old son. I have observed that our son notices our intimate acts and behaves in an unusual way. I have asked my husband to keep a restrain,” shares Neha, a school teacher.

Experts suggest that a clear line be drawn between sexual and affectionate behaviour. While the former is harmful, the latter is beneficial. As a parent it’s your duty to strike a balance and behave responsibly in front of your kid. Parenting Tip: Child psychologist, Dr Chopra states, “Certain gestures like hugging, holding hands, placing your head on your partner’s shoulder are positive signs that the parents share a healthy relationship. But sexual display of love between a couple often acts like sexual abuse in the child’s tender mind. The damages done can be grave and the natural growth of the child can get tampered.”

3. Cursing/swearing

Rajesh Pandey, a journalist says, “We often hear our next door neighbour abusing his wife. Me and my wife were worried how it was likely to impact their children.

Our fear came true as one day we heard his son, who was in college, cursing his mother in a similar way”.
Swear words are not always easy to evade, especially if you are used to saying them in your daily vocabulary.Parenting Tip: Dr Chopra warns against the use of swear words in front of kids. “If you use profanities in front of your children, they will think that it’s acceptable to use such words.”

4. Watching violence and nudity on screen

Pratima Ishpunani, an interior designer opines, “We make it a point to drop our two kids at my parents’ place, when we go out every weekend for a movie. We feel that they are too young to handle violence and nudity that is shown in most of the movies today. However, we do take them out to amusement parks, museums and zoological park to make it up for lost time.”

Modern age children are exposed to the TV/Internet at a very early age, so it is imperative to ensure that they do not watch violent and vulgar shows as they has a lasting impact on their mind.

Parenting Tip: “There have been many incidents reported in the media where children have hurt themselves copying daring stunts shown in ads, particularly those which exhibit motorbikes stunts. There is always a potential risk of your child becoming aggressive if they watch too much of violence on the TV, while sleazy and vulgar scenes can make them inquisitive and confused. So, it is important to hold back kids from such exposure till the child reaches an age where he/she can differentiate between what is wrong and what is right,” adds Dr Chopra.

5. Drinking/Smoking

“The other day my fourteen-year-old son returned late from his friend’s birthday party. I was shocked to see him in an inebriated state. When I questioned him he bluntly snubbed me by reminding me of my drinking habits,” says Pranjal Joshi, a businessman.

Parenting Tip: Relationship expert, Mahima Mathur points out, “If parents themselves engage in drinking or smoking in front of their children, they lose the moral right to stop their kids from indulging in the same, once they grow up. Besides, it’s a known fact that passive smoking can affect children’s respiratory system.
So, if you want that your child does not imbibe these bad habits, then try to be an ideal role model by becoming a teetotaler or at least do not drink/smoke in front of them.”

ur kid notices though he unreacts

Note From k.k: We teachers have noticed a couple of kids share the story of their dads saying enge appa kitey 2 bottles iruku.The other replied “enge daddy kodey 2 bottles fridge le vechirkaru, anna na kaeta dhan marundhu nu solluvaaru”

6. Lying

“To decline unwanted calls, I have often made up several excuses and have relayed them through my 11-year-old daughter. Lately I have observed that she cooks up some story to hide her misdoings,” said Trideep, a radio artiste.
“Parents often find themselves lying to their children to avoid confrontation, explanations and tears. Most parents lie to keep inquisitive and difficult questions at bay which they find tricky to handle or answer. Since children rely on adults to explain the world to them, it is not recommended that parents present a different picture to them from what actually is,” suggests relationship expert, Mahima Mathur.

Well,It is not possible for us to kill our emotions for the sake of our kids but we could avoid exhibiting our tough side alteast infront of them afterall we all want ourselves to be good parents.

Lets give our children the best of ours…..

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The Big Day

We are marching towards the end of the academic year(2009-2010).

Hardly a month to go.Very soon we would be bidding big bye to all our toddlers wishing them all success for their L.K.G .

On this big day we will enjoy with Dance kallakals , Certifcates, trophies, fun,lots and lots in the function hall.

The highlight of the show will be our kids getting convocated (wearing that black gown)
Imagine urself as a granny n say this–>nangelam andha kalathule — kashtapattu ra pagalla
padichu ,arrear vaekame [bit adikame] clear panni indhe karuppu gown pottom ana ipo…hmm ..

This year is something extra-ordinary for us.
Yes,This is our 15 th academic year.

The whole pre-school is busy getting ready for our day.
For those who wonder how, have listed our schedule of the month..

* Certificate Preparation
* Certificates Lamination Work
* B’day and group Photo orders
* Convocation photo orders
* Issue of photos to parents
* Annual Report Presentation
* Cups Order for all sports Event
* Trophies Order for all Extra-curricular Events
* Dance practice for all the performances(Co-ordination among pre k.g students??? Varum…. aana varadhu!!!)
* Rehearsals with technicians such as scene setters and so
* Dance Dress Designing/stitching/shopping/hiring for all the performances
* Co-anchors Training
* Seating arrangement preparation for the show
* Parents teachers meeting
* Chief Guests acceptance and then after their confirmation
* Invitation design and printing once the guests are finalized
* Inviting the delicates in person
* Issue of invitation to parents

(Off course my absent mind may later extend the list)

Wait.. wait.. ,I have just given u the list towards the big day but
haven’t mentioned about the annual exams,portion papers and the blue print issues we have this month.
Cheers to our dear teachers who also train our tiny ones towards their exams besides the long list I have mentioned above.

Anyways, how big ever the list extends…. Until our parents extend us
their support we could even conquer humpty no of such list.

Well I can hear what ur minds say (as our parent)
“it is just as though i
admitted my kid sterday but it has become a yr. now”
hm .we too fell the same.

Though we may find it tough to say ‘ADIEU’
We will ever have the satisfaction of giving our best to our dear kids.
All The Very Best Kutties.

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Little Warriors

Last friday morning turned energitic when our tiny fellows of play school(1 1/2- 2 yrs) marched towards their class rooms.Soon The class rooms turned into a war field where our dear ones were ready for their puzzle and identification competition.

Some even had temple kumkum on their foreheads unusually(ya ya,u can imagine those days when we go for maths exams with the only trust on god)…Irukadha Pinna, this is the first competition in their life time.I know its fair enough.

But hey! im not talking about the forehead of the kids,Then wondering who??? Those were a few parents who had come straight from temples praying for their young ones(chho sweet)

The clock’s hand which usually feels lazy to move turned active today and hit 9.00. a.m very quick…

The kutty(hey…the kids) warriors were brought to the war field.what then,,,,muunu manni neram…thenara thenara….(hello!!! nange thenara thenara)the compettion was on…

War field

Each bud was called to compete the puzzle work first but we were suprised to see most of them correctly completed their given task.Though the puzzle competition was for them(enna oru villathanam)we were puzzled to select the finalist..

Ring work

Sirikaradha ,azharadha?..we then conducted a finals where we included timing too. we were very careful to spot the winners.oru vazhiya we succeeded.


Smart little ones…three cheers to them …

Then we switched over to ‘identification of objects’ .As the name suggests,This is a competition where each kid has to correctly identify the given objects…

Chumma illengo….we will spread 50 object on table and they have to pick the right ones as the teacher name’s them..The 50 objects includes everything right from vehicles to wild animals ..

Object Identification

Since this part is a bit time consuming,Three teachers and two assistants were involved.Idhule flying squads too(Principal)

Some always wonder,what a child at 2 yrs. could grasp in a play school but this identification compettion proved them wrong(inimey appadi ellam paesa kudadhu…ok..)

Our Children are so smart that each kid scored not less than 45/50. gr8 kids…

Lets not forget to leave atleast a tiny note of appreciation to those teachers. ..

Would personally congradulate all the tiny participants for their good effort.We are proud to have exhibited their talents for the first time in their life time. KEEP ROCKING KIDS !!!

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KUTTRAM, nadandhadhu enna?

Was a bright friday morning.

It is usual for the principal to go on rounds by 10.15 .Suddenly we heard a loud scream,….the rescue team (vera yaaru,its the ASST teacher and me)immediately entered the class room of section A where a big fight was staged ….gang of tiny dhadhas were involved in the fight ….We witnessed thalabathi scene [mamutti having a hot conversation with thalai(superstar)].

With no further delay we tried breaking the adi thadi and seperated the two gangsters.(unlike our police who come in the climax).

The Dons

Madam yelled at the kutty goondas for their violence. Though POTA was not used on them considering their charming face,

SORRY was forced to be exchanged among the gangsters for their act.

Soon the rescue team flew to the next adjacent class rooms.

But traces of grudge prevailed in sec-A. The superstar dhadha said to mamutti

Chitharika pattavai (just the snaps)

“madam yennai enna acchi nu kekamale thititange ,

Sorry keka sonange…naan solliten”
“aana en melae thappu ille”

“next time keka sonna na keka maten”

“jakarathdhai ,madam vandhalum unnai vida maten”


Reporter : Class teacher

Eye witness : Pre k.g -A students

Approver : Superstar Dhadha


/Cause :Want of red colour chair

Of fight


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Smile Please !!!

Today, we hosted a photo session in our pre school.Well if someone knows the real pain of getting a good pose from ur kid,then u could feel a sample of ours.

It is usual for us to take group photos towards the year end.Though we have this session every year (since 15 yrs),each year is a different experience for us.

This Morning was extremely bright.It was as though angels came down the earth to visit our pre-school.well,i mean the beautiful kids who were dressed colourfully for the photo session.

Girls(YES,2 1/2 yrs.old) were in frilled gowns with a pinch of their make up kit. Neat dress with matching accessories(shoes and slippers with heels were no exception) made them stunning.Even cheap lip sticks looked glossy when they decorated the tender lips of our dear ones.Some wore a grand lehenga model dress with hair pinned up using colourful hair accessories.Few were much delighted to show others their mehendi/ulta and nail polish which their moms applied last night.

Boys were in coat&suite.Few in safari suite.Some in jeans and others in shervani…oops ,we could find slight traces of lip sticks on them too.annyways they were tooooo smart.

Should appreciate the parents for their interest and patience for turning their little ones into butterflies.

Ippo dhan main film..e………..
Carpets and balloons decorated the room that was alloted for the session, children were waiting without speaking ….wonder yyyyyyy.
We too were astonished because it is unusual for our naughty kids to be so…
We also found some dint even want to have water despite being thirsty………hmmmmm
Then we found out …..
They dint want their lip stick to go off.

Then came the photo grapher with an excuse for his 10 minutes delay.Though we yelled at him, we felt sorry for him too..Y ??.Our mind voice said “yaar petha pullaiyooo”(you will know y wen u read the next para)

First the play school kids(1 1/2 to 2 yrs.) were made to sit in a group along with their teacher.Just one kid started a big loud cry seing a new person(photographer)….u can imagine the next scene…yes,nearly 10 started crying.By the time we convinced the tiny fellows,one started saying miss…chucha…….Offcourse, the next scene is sensored.
OK atleast now u expect us to have taken photos….
we too expected so but when we said smile please we found the lip stick beauties dint smile thinking their lip sticks wuld be wiped off…Again we had to convince….
Could u imagine the photographer!!!hmm. At last,somehow we shot the tiny ones in the camera.

The photographer was so happy as though he won an oscar award and got ready to pack his stuff.We then gave him a shock telling it was just one group he shot for and there are 5 more such…we could hear his mind telling “yaar munjiley muzhicheno….,pesame kalyanam cover pannave poi irukalam”.

Finally after 3 hours,the photographer came out of the room(thenare thenare).lucky chap since we have called him again on monday to have the same session for the group photo of our children in uniform….Do u think he is gonna turn up…na nanan nana…

Few snaps 4 u

Pre kg- 'C'

Pre KG-'D'



The last couple of snaps is from today’s session (monday) Since the photographer came

Evalo vanginalum ivan (photographer) thangaran…….Romba nallavan….

Pre K.G -B

Pre k.g-A

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Outing with a 3 yr old kid? NO,then come to experience a trip with 100 as such

Sterday,the sun smiled unusually for our tiny tots.it was a big fun day where our kutties were ready for a trip to guindy park.joy with excitement made them restless.

Our staffs were busy arranging the snack bundles for our children(The management sponsored..thanks to those vallas who made us carry so much).The little ones could not resist the variety of eatables they saw that were getting ready to fill the first seat of the pre-school bus….

Before getting started we instructed them with some outting manners.Prayer was followed by some chatting to rise their enthu.. level.when i said ,children teacher has bought you kukure,popins,lays,cream biscuits and elongated the list,i enjoyed the excitment and smile for a mile in every bud’s face.but i was dumb struck when a kid asked me if i had bought them ‘chicken lollipops from KFC’……(A two and half yr. kid asking his teacher for a chicken lolipop!!!!!)

With my mouth shut we then started boarding the bus…We could count numerous heads of parents who were trying to spot their child and thereby ensure the child has got into the bus.

Bus Journey

well everyone busted with laughter when we put a small wooden chair near the 3rdstep(3 rd step while getting down) of the bus. yes, since the tiny legs of all 2 and 3 yrs old kids could not reach the height of the step from platform on boarding.What then,the bus engine started along with huge shout of happiness from our children.the bus headed to guidy park….

If you have been to the spot ,imagine the place with a hundred of our little ones. do you expect a proper line formation from 3 yr old kids….na..nana.na.na IN vadivelu’s style,ippove kannai katudhey………


hmmm then we managed to show them all the birds,animals,croco..
To be frank we also had to pass by few pairs(kadhal jodis) in the park.though the jodi were excited to see our kids,hmm … our students showed much interest on them too…this made us to think…..In prabu’s style (ena kodumai Sir idhu……..)

It was getting late, so we hurried our children but they dominated us by singing ‘Pachai kiliye'(tamil rhyme) on seing the parrots and ‘bander bander'(a hindi rhyme we taught them) on seing monkeys.


Play Time

Their happiness in singing those songs in an apt atmosphere made our watches still. Then a little play in the sliding boards and other equipments made them tired.We then boosted them with enough snacks and emptied our snack baskets….

The tired legs felt happy in the bus when we started heading to our pre-school. nearly all were half sleepy.suddenly one child shouted ‘Mam neenge enaku kurkure ve kudukale'(s,we forgot kurkure from the snack packet)….indhe ranagalathileyum….unaku kurkure va hmmmm.

so we emptied the last packet of kurkure tooo and made sure no snack packets were left unattended. Well,finally we landed our premises.A kutty thanks to the driver who was too careful in his drive .

All little ones dispersed with big bags of stories to tell their moms and grannys.

Next ,,,,,restttt……

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